We take a holistic approach to women’s empowerment. We recognise that safe and secure employment and earning a living wage is absolutely key in enabling a woman to take control of her life, support her family and make positive life choices.

Supporting women’s awareness, confidence and ability to change and improve their lives is also an important element of empowerment. We provide opportunities, through life skills workshops in which women and girls can grow and thrive. Many of these deliver real change in a woman’s confidence, self-perception and ability to make decisions that will affect her life.

We recognise that women’s empowerment does not rest with individual women alone; working collectively to achieve change is crucial. There is increasing recognition that attitudes, beliefs and social norms have an important influence on women’s and girl's empowerment. We work with all members of the community to provide education opportunities and vocational training to change the gender norms which create barriers for women and prevent them from taking control of their lives and fulfilling their dreams.