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Each Chance wrap bracelet provides safe employment for survivor artisans and at-risk women. Profits from this initiative also fund the education and protection of street-working children and their families from human trafficking and exploitation.


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Every Step Counts – Reflections on My Time in Cambodia

July 24, 2016

Jessica Jeang is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University with a bachelors in Political Science and a Masters of Science in Finance. She has several years of experience in academic research and healthcare management consulting. She is deeply passionate about international business as well as international women’s health and economic empowerment. She has been a volunteer with Senhoa since 2014.  When I first graduated from University in 2013, every step after leaving the nest of safety that characterized my student years felt like a monumental decision. I knew that I was lucky to have the freedom to shape my own future, to choose to participate in the meritocracy of the working world, and to set career goals for myself...

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