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Each Chance wrap bracelet provides safe employment for survivor artisans and at-risk women. Profits from this initiative also fund the education and protection of street-working children and their families from human trafficking and exploitation.


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Senhoa's Values: Compassion

October 11, 2016

In a series of blogs we will be looking at Senhoa's values and sharing our stories about how we live these values through our work.   #COMPASSION At Senhoa, we look at the issue of trafficking and the effects of poverty and the lack of education and provide impactful solutions, coupled with compassion. Compassion drives our purpose and is the guiding light in our work. What Leads to Trafficking? 40% of the population in Cambodia earns less than $1.25 a day. Women often turn to sex work as it is one of the few sources of income that is available. Although some families are tricked into human trafficking by promises of education and job opportunities for their children, families sometimes see selling their children to human...

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